Bailout fund starving

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Ulyanovsk bailout fund starving

Ulyanovsk bailout fund starving Volga organized free lunch for 40 residents .

Ulyanovsk bailout fund starving Volga organized March 29 next charity event . Free lunch at one of the city’s cafes were organized for 40 residents . Among these pupils urban boarding school N18 and 3 large families . Such assistance , according to the director of the boarding Makhova Faith , the institution receives for the first time and any help neizbalovannogo funding and attention to his children — not superfluous , said TRK «reporter .»

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Developing social partnership .

The Ministry of Information and Press of the Saratov region , March 29 at the conference hall of the Ministry of Labor and Social Development of the Saratov region held a training seminar on the theme: «Development projects and writing applications for funding grant-making organization» for heads of institutions of social services area.

Ulyanovsk bailout fund starving

The main purpose of such seminars ( seminar held for the sixth year to date ) is to attract additional funding sources to address the social problems of the region and the introduction of new methods into the work of the Ministry of Labour and social development of the region . These seminars — part training program for social services agencies to participate in the Second fair of social and cultural projects in the Volga Federal District, which will be held in Saratov this fall. Total training at training seminars held 50 heads of institutions from all parts of the field . These training seminars — a collaborative effort between the Ministry of Labour and Social Development of the Saratov region and the regional public organization » Business prospects in the XXI Century»